Group Coaching

“The bigger the breakdown, the bigger your breakthrough”
Do you enjoy learning in a class setting among like-minded peers? Looking to unlock your true potential and accelerate your growth in the areas of happiness, love, communication, relationships, confidence, career success and more? Then Dr. K’s most popular professional development group seminar, EQ 101: Curriculum for Awareness (CFA), is for you!
This transformative program has been changing lives for over two decades. Each week’s class focuses on a new lesson, tools, and take-home activities to master mindful living and increase your emotional intelligence (EQ) thresholds. Abbreviated as CFA, this course is an 8-week seminar that can be taken in-person or via Zoom. The seminar consists of eight group sessions, one session per week, lasting 2.5 hours. At the end of the course you are awarded a Certificate of Completion that can be featured on your resume!
Learning Objectives
  • Learning how the mind works
  • Greater focus, productivity, and discipline
  • Increased confidence & happiness
  • Improved communication
  • Better relationships with self and others
  • Higher motivation and success
  • Tools to work through anxiety, depression, anger, fear
  • And more!


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