One-on-One Coaching

In the summer of 2018 I felt stuck in my life. I was unhappy in my job, but couldn’t leave because I had no other way to pay my bills. Additionally I was frustrated with a creative project that wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, I was having trouble maintaining a positive attitude at all – and it was threatening my ability to be a good mother to my two kids. The first time I met with Dr. Kudaverdian, he made some practical suggestions that helped me reframe the way I approach my job and my creative project. The improvement in both was instant. I was able to go to work daily and feel good about it, and my creative project started to take off. Through Dr K’s counseling, hypnotherapy and simple exercises he has me do alone, I have finally felt a sense of serenity each day, and even feel happy a lot of the time. My children and my coworkers have commented on the change in me. I feel so much more freedom and joy than at any time during my life. And I believe I would not be here without Dr. K. I can’t thank him enough!


Dr. Edward Kudaverdian is a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist who has helped me immensely with my anxiety. Before I began working with Dr. K, I struggled with frequent bouts of anxiety that left me feeling overwhelmed and helpless. However, through his expert guidance and support, I have learned to manage my anxiety and have developed new coping tools and skills that I can use in my daily life. Dr. K has a warm and welcoming demeanor that immediately put me at ease during our sessions. He listened attentively to my concerns and helped me identify the underlying causes of my anxiety. He then provided me with personalized hypnotherapy sessions that were tailored to my specific needs and goals. One of the things that impressed me the most about Dr. K was his ability to help me access the deep-seated emotions and beliefs that were contributing to my anxiety. Through his skilled hypnotherapy techniques, I was able to gain a greater understanding of myself and my thought patterns, which has been instrumental in my ongoing journey towards healing. Overall, I am incredibly grateful to Dr. K for his expertise, support, and guidance. Thanks to his help, I feel more equipped to manage my anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist”


I am mentored by Dr. Kudaverdian in my professional and personal life. Dr. K has given me so many tools to handle the high demand and expectations of my everyday work environment. I am experiencing a great deal of accomplishments at work and personal life challenges because he gives me unique mentoring. I feel great when I can handle anything that comes my way, because I know that I can let go of all negativity and focus on my commitments.


The sessions I completed with Dr. K were action packed and I am so glad that I am finally doing what I am passionate about and make a living doing it.


During my program with Dr. K, I have noticed that I am living my life with no barriers and I am living the life I have always dreamed of.


I have been able to deal with all of my pressures, such as work, kids, girlfriend, and feel like I have more clarity as to what I want, and have the right techniques and tools to purse them.


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