Coaching Certification

If you want a unique and thorough coaching certification program you can trust the program administered by Edward Kudavardian, Ph.D. Dr. Kudavardian teaches a well-defined coaching program that includes understanding how the mind works, emotional intelligence (EQ), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Executive Coaching Models, and other positive tools important for coaching. Dr. Kudavardian provided me with specialized training to coach and mentor upper management professionals using executive coaching models which were highly successful. I highly recommend this coaching certification program to anyone who wants to create a successful coaching business.


When I took Dr. K’s coaching certification program it supported me to be a good listener, and to ask the right questions. The course taught me that every individual is unique, and to approach each situation with an open mind and curiosity. Asking the right questions allows us to support others to communicate their opinions in an effective way in the workforce and in management – this is crucial to operating a successful business. Because of my training with Dr. K I am able to coach people one-on-one and also in groups to reach a common understanding.


I’m so glad I found a program where I was able to pursue my passion for supporting others to live their most authentic and best lives. Best part is I can customize how many hours a week I want to see clients and create my own schedule. What I really loved about this certification program was how customizable it was as far as going at your own pace through the chapters and concepts; the depth of knowledge we acquired during the course supported us with new tools and techniques that we could use upon passing the certification exam to immediately start seeing clients. Also if you need a support system, Dr. K and his team are just an email away to support with any questions you might have during the course. All around great experience.


I would and will recommend this course. The exercises have made me confident and I am no longer feeling like I don’t know what to do. I feel I can get out there and coach and all of this in only 6 months. I will definitely tell my friends and family about this.


I loved the idea of getting certified in only 6 months … not to mention the cost compared to other programs! The course is brilliant and I would absolutely recommend it. Why? Because of the length, cost, materials, presentation, flow, ease, integrity …


It was very focused and well put together. The material given, the interactions and exchange of ideas among the class members were very powerful. Yes, I’d definitely recommend this course, because it has everything you need to become a life coach at a very reasonable price.


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